BOOK STYLE: Nancy Drew and Megan Hess

Nancy Drews are few and far between these days, with only two or three per series out a year. It used to be six books per series out, but now they seem to be cutting down to the same as when the series was first created back in the 30s. One book per year.

I did manage to grab this 1986 book, The Secret of the Stratemeyer Syndicate that I had been after for  years, $25 from an Aussie books seller. Also found Silver Birch Press’ Nancy Drew Anthology, and the new Moxie and a Good Sense of Balance.

I don’t buy many Nancys anymore. US ship is way too expensive so I only buy the odd thing here and there as we have import tax now, as well. Buying from the UK is only once in a blue moon if I can find something cheap.


Thankfully, Book Depository is free shipping, cheap rates for Aus, and where I can get my updated Nancys, like the two Clue Books and the latest Diaries, Famous Mistakes and…


This gorgeous edition Christmas mystery, A Nancy Drew Christmas. It was released last September, but BD was sold out until last month when I finally got it. It’s a special hard cover edition, with embossed fonts and dust jacket. The book is a gorgeous green with gold accents.


The dust jacket


The cover.


The decorative endpapers


The story has Nancy and Carson invited to a ski resort for Christmas because Carson did some work for the owner. Unfortunately, Carson cannot attend for a few days, and Bess and George are only on the sidelines back in River Heights. Nancy breaks her leg within a day in an accident meant for someone else, and is stuck in a wheelchair with a cast on her leg. While trying to solve all of the mysterious happenings, she comes across two familiar looking boys…

The Hardy Boys…

Yep, may as well have called it a Super Mystery.

Frank is arrested, and Nancy teams up with Joe. They all do a google hangout, and Frank falls for George, and Joe falls for Bess. 

*insert eyeroll*

The mystery wasn’t bad, maybe a way of them introducing a new super sleuth series, who knows. But the books these days are just too childish.

Joe even calls Sheriff Pruitt, Sheriff Poo-it. Oi! Not sure what age limit they were going for, but childish it was.

Over all, if you like Nancy, read it. Like the others, it’s a cute story inside a gorgeous book.

Now, onto the new Megan Hess book…Iconic

A gorgeous book full of gorgeous pictures, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from Megan. Nothing more, nothing less.

With a gorgeous red based cover, the pictures inside make your eyes water, they are gorgeous. Here are my faves below.


The only thing that annoys me is that I paid over $20 for it from Book Depository last month, and then found it in my local Kmart last week for $8.



What books have you guys bought or read recently?


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  1. The Tote Trove May 3, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Your dedication to Nancy is nothing short of amazing. And the Christmas book is indeed gorgeous. As is the Megan book. Too bad about the Kmart bit!

    1. Jewel Divas Style May 5, 2019 at 9:12 pm

      It is too bad, Tote, I could have saved money.


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