Australia is underwater. But we’re doing okay coz we’re Australians!!!!!

Well peeps, I’m still sick and Australia is still under water.

The inland tsunami swept through Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, yesterday and took boats, restaurants and even a concrete walkway with it.

The water is slowly receeding in Ipswich and other places, and the hunt for people missing or dead is now on.

Brisbane is flooded. Businesses are closed and flooded, houses are under or being washed away.

All the reporters are there from every channel, reporting just about 24/7. Normal programming has been changed through the day but for some, who cares. The morning shows extend their coverage through the morning and into the afternoon.

As for me, I cannot watch too much of any disaster. It’s not that I don’t care or have sympathy, it’s just that my psyche can only take so much at one time.

And being sick as a dog, it’s even worse.

I know celebrities are sending their well wishes, although really, why do we need to be in Justin Bieber’s prayers, and the devastation is being broadcast worldwide. You’ll see it for yourselves somewhere peeps.

This disaster will take years and billions of dollars to recover from, and it will be even worse if it rains for the next month, sending even more water down the country. New South Wales is also being affected as the water rushes down the rivers and who knows, Victoria may be next.



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