And then there’s capes and kimonos…..

I scored a few nice kimonos over the Christmas period, normally I don’t, having only bought 2 in 2016, I added these late in the year.

This awesome fish kimono looked more peachy on ebay but it’s a gorgeous pale pink. It also…goes with my fish tshirt! And it was only $23.50



I got this gorgeous jungle cape late in the year too. For $100 it’s gorgeous and goes with my short kaftan top. I gotta smile more in pics.



This year I managed to get this colourful Kalypso kimono. Apparently it’s a twist and knot, as it came knotted, and when you wash and dry it you twist and knot it. Personally, I think it makes it looked creased and I want to iron it.

And then I got this gorgeous navy and red rose kimono. It’s a lovely light material, cool wash, beautiful on. $43.65 from ebay


What capes/kimonos/jackets have you guys gotten over the holidays?


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