ACCESSORY STYLE: Awesome jewels made for awesome clothes

I love being able to make jewels to go with my clothes. Considering the amount of printed tops I have there will always be some sort of funky unusual print in need of matching jewels.

Just as with my pineapple top and jewels, or my zodiac tank and bracelet stack, I love being able to dig into my bead boxes and scour eBay for some pendants to make what I need, such as these pink high heels to match my top.


I found two huge keyrings and some small heel charms on eBay, added some earring hooks and gold bracelets and there you have it.

Next up are my perfume bottle tops that I needed jewels for.


After finding some perfume bottle necklaces and charms, plus a couple of coloured crystal bracelets on eBay, plus doing some shopping in a local chain store where I got grey crystal necklaces for $3.33 each, I was able to combine pink and black beads together so I had a set I could wear with either top.

Then we move on to the owl top I got just before xmas last year. The first time I wore it I used mum’s jewellery that I made her, but over easter I managed to get together my own set.


Thankfully, I had two silver owl bracelets in my kit and pulled off the owls, turning the two biggest into earrings and adding the smaller ones onto four different bead bracelets that I made and then I added a disco ball for some extra sparkle.

I dug out the gold owl necklace and ring I already had and that made up the rest of the set. While it may not look like it, the top’s print is silver and gold, so the mixed metals in the set will go well with the top and each other.

What jewels have you guys made lately to go with your clothes?

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