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Have you ever gone in search of bed cushions and were overwhelmed by what was out there? 

I have been. There are so many stores with so many sizes and colours and styles of cushions it was like, “what the hell”.

In the end it comes down to buying what you love the minute you see it. The tropical print, the parrot, the pineapples, the mixed fruit or a simple plain colour. Of course it’s also a matter of what colour and style your bedroom and linen are as to what cushions you buy.

For me I love pink and blue with some tropical thrown in (although I’m still hunting down a good tropical cushion) and so will only stick to certain colours, making it easier to find something to buy.

I ended up in Harvey Norman before xmas and found the three pink pillows. Sadly, they only had the one sparkle pink and no blue in the geometric shape so I took what I could get and got them all on sale.


I also saw the amazing Rapee floral pillows but at $75 each were so out of my budget it was ridiculous. When I asked a floor assistant he said he could do $50 each. I left them there.

A few months later I found one floral pillow in Spotlight and nabbed it. Not only was it cheaper over all at $39.99, but they all had an extra 30% off so I couldn’t leave it there.

For me, as much as I’d love a bunch of different cushions (there’s a whole pile of funky unusual shape and print cushions in big plastic bags stuffed in the corner of the room that don’t see the light of day) the issue is where do you put them at the end of the day when you get in bed? Mine get put on a roller container that’s beside mine and full of what’s left of my music and cd collection, since I leave the bed to air all day it rarely gets made so the cushions rarely go on. 

How bad is that?

On top of that, I believe in cutting and culling back my life so only good cushions that I fall madly in love with will be coming home from now on, especially those in pinks and blues.

How many cushions do you guys have on your bed, or do you even have any?

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