What I’ve Achieved This Year


With only a few blog posts to go before the end of the year I wanted to look back on what I’ve achieved this year before I get into the messy bullshit of the next two posts.

So far, this year under my name of Tiara King 

– 1 – I released the six book series, Poems Of A Musical Flavour, from March in e-book format. The paperbacks have been mostly done and need tweaking, and along with the omnibus edition in e-book and paperback, will hopefully be out March 2018.

– 2 – I released two e-books in paperback, How To Be A Jewel Diva and Closet Confidential in May. I have decided to add to them in 2018 and will re-release under my own imprint.

– 3 – So yes, as I just said, I set up my own imprint for my books. I bought various business names and domain names and came up with a publishing house name. Two months later I changed it, and now I own a publishing house and will release all of my books under it and will talk about it more next year.


(2) Under the name T.K. Wrathbone

 – 1 – I released a paperback in March called Two Bone: Anthology 2 which is 2016’s stories in paperback.

– 2 – I wrote three stories, typed them up, edited, assessed, and put them out along with an anthology. Thank God I had already done the e-covers. All four were released late in the year.

– 3 – I’m currently getting the paperback version done myself, and will be out in March 2018.


(3) Under the name L.J. Diva

– 1 – I released the fourth Porn Star Brothers novella, Retribution, in March, the omnibus (4 books) e-book was released in September as was the e-book of the next novel, Forever, which I typed up, had edited, assessed, and a cover done for release.

– 2 – I got book #3 in the series typed up and it’s being edited this month and is due for release in March 2018.

– 3 – I did the websites for the book series, plus an author one purely for books and they are live. www.pornstarbrothers.com and ljdiva.com

– 4 – I got family and business trees for the book series made up. The Stephanopoulos family tree is huge and keeps growing with every book, along with the business tree. I also have character lists and a family/book timeline typed up but that is an ongoing process. All are up on the Porn Star Brothers site now along with other goodies.


I did all of this while taking mum for multiple doctors appointments, myself to multiple doctor’s appointments, dealing with shitty businesses, shitty people, shitty health issues, a shitty lifestyle and being generally stressed out. But I deal with all of that in the next two blog posts.

Am I an overachiever? I forced myself, I drove myself to do it. I had a drive, a need to get all of this done, but sadly, many things I wanted to do got pushed to the back and may never come to the front. The Porn Star Brothers books series is on going, and will take up more time yet, until 2020 at least. There are two novels and multiple book series waiting patiently to get out of my head and more Wrathbones that need to be done, so I have no idea how I’m going to do it all. Or when. Guess I’ll figure that out while I’m on holiday and after all of the business stuff is done for the year. Plus there’s my yearly audit to get through…


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