This week for WANT IT WEDNESDAY it’s into the children’s sets I made. SUMMERTIME, available here, was made back when I had cute butterfly, dragonfly and flower charms. The colours used are summery fun colours for kids and made smaller for them instead of huge adult size products.


There are only five sets made for kids as I prefer to make for adults. You always worry with kids that something will be bitten off, swallowed or broken and lost.

I used glass crackle and acrylic beads for this set in pinky yellows, greeny blues and purple. The charms are attached with double looped jump rings so they will only come off if the elastic is broken. The earrings are 7cm from the top of the silver hooks and the bracelet fits a 3-5 inch wrist.

I was never one for naming pieces when I started but took one look at the five sets and automatically named them after something from summer, this one being Summertime.

There’s no real story behind this piece, it was whatever came to mind at the time. That’s the way I work. I lay out everything I have and play around until I’m happy with the end creation.

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