TRAVEL STYLE: My Top Ten Travel Tips for Bags

Of course these are just my tips that I’ve learned from the travel I’ve done over the years and what works for me, and you may have your own to add.
1 – Buy a set of packing cubes and use a different colour for each set of articles.
2 – Use coloured drawstring bags or zip up bags for each set of shoes and or slippers. One pair can slip down the side of a case and the bag will keep everything else from getting dirty.
3 – Use one bag for nightwear, a lightweight dressing gown, and slippers. Make it the last bag packed so you can easily grab it when you arrive.
4 – Use dress bags, plastic or see through, for good pants, skirts, dresses, and any blazers or evening clothes.
5 – Use a packing cube for tops if possible. Roll or fold them, depending on how many you take and how easily they fit you might be able to get them all in, including any thermal or work out tops.
6 – Use a cube for underwear and socks. If you can keep your under garments all together it will be easier when looking for them.
7 – Use a cube for small hats, scarves and storing jewellery purses, sunglasses and any other small accessories. You can use zip lock bags for individual pieces or just scarves so they don’t rip or tear.
8 – Use a cube for your hair dryer (don’t put it in while hot) and bits and pieces.
9 – Keep drawstring or zip bags aside for dirty clothes and waterproof ones for swim wear or wet clothes.
10 – Don’t take mesh bags as they will easily hitch on zips and anything rough or poking out.
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