TRAVEL STYLE: My Top Ten Travel Don’ts

Here are my top ten don’ts for travelling!
1 – DON’T take laundry liquid and it won’t cause any issues flying with fluids.
2 – DON’T take an iron, or any hair products like straighteners, curlers etc. A small travel hair dryer should be enough as you don’t want to risk burning your bags or setting something on fire because it hasn’t cooled in time. Also, they take up space and add weight to your luggage.
3 – DON’T take unnecessary anything, especially the kitchen sink. If you don’t use it in everyday life, don’t take it on holiday. That’s why capsules are so important. It limits the amount of everything in your luggage and you have less to carry. If you don’t use it, wear it, or need it in everyday life, take it out of your luggage and cull, cull, cull.
4 – DON’T think you need 20 shoes and fifty tops and all those sequin pants. You don’t. Unless you’re a celebrity who thinks they need everything, pack light. That way you have room for the things you buy.
5 – DON’T expect your travel companions to carry your bags for you. You will need to wheel and carry your own so packing light is a good thing and the less bags, the easier it will be to wheel and carry!
6 – DON’T take a lot of make-up. If you don’t use it in everyday life, you won’t need it on holiday. Take the very basics, a tinted moisturiser with spf, small powder, concealer, a small eye shadow set, mascara, eyeliner. You wouldn’t need much else.
7 – DON’T take a lot of toiletries, or even big containers. You may only wash your hair every second or third day and won’t need a large shampoo or conditioner. Limit hair products for styling, face cleanser, toner and moisturiser. You can get small deodorants, perfumes, hair sprays or gel, in most supermarkets or samples from chemists. You also don’t need big brushes.
8 – DON’T wear a tonne of jewellery through an airport. Besides setting off the detectors, you may have to hold the line up removing them and then putting them back on. If you wouldn’t appreciate someone else doing it and holding you up, then other passengers WILL NOT appreciate YOU doing it.
9 – DON’T think you can get away with taking big bottles or tubes of liquid on a plane. Read the airline’s websites for their rules and regulations for flying and abide by them. That way, you WILL NOT get into trouble, hold up lines, or have to throw anything out when you go through.
10 – DON’T over pack your suitcase, regardless of how big they are. There are rules for what you take on a plane/train etc so make sure you have everything in its place and order. And if you go over the set weight you’ll have to pay. Any luggage shop sell suitcase weighers so get one or use any set of scales you have at home.
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