STYLE FAILURES: How one eBay seller destroyed my hopes and dreams

Not really, but they destroyed my hopes and dreams about this case.
It was supposed to be a really gorgeous red quilted faux leather case with handle and lock, and on the inside it was for jewellery and bits and pieces.
It arrived crushed and unusable

I emailed the seller and they said they were sending me another one. Unfortunately that also meant time ran out for me to get a refund through Paypal and I never got the replacement.

No money, no replacement.

I use it for storing sunglasses as I needed somewhere for them and I may as well use it, even though it is battered and broken on the inside.

The store is – – they don’t have any more of these and there is no way for me to get one or get my money back, so I’m screwed either way.

Don’t buy from these people.  I hate liars.

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