Stores that try and convince you you’re getting a bargain when you’re not annoy the hell out of me!

There’s a store here in Australia who has a current catalogue out advertising percentages off their beauty products who also have a new catalogue coming out this Thursday advertising similar or the same sales.

However, upon going into their store, I noticed that their prices were different to the catalogue and their website.

Goods advertised at 20% off meant getting it at $39.99 instead of $49.99. But in the store the normal price IS $39.99!

I am so sick and tired of stores sending out catalogues claiming you’re getting a bargain. I’m also sick of stores who mark down their goods in store but when you lift the sale tag up you’ll see that it’s actually NOT on sale or you only save some stupid amount like .11c.


I’m also sick of stores advertising they have a product on sale and then you go in and they tell you they don’t have it.

It’s illegal, and known as bait and switch.

And I’m sick of it!

I want my fucking products.

No wonder so many people buy online, and stores wonder why!!!!!

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