RSL ART UNION: Draw 341 is now open

If you think this one looks vaguely familiar it’s because it’s built by the same company that built draw 329 last year. It’s an apartment building on the Gold Coast, down the New South Wales/Queensland border and right near the airport, ugh! All apartments are fully furnished, rates and taxes paid for the year, it has a pool and barbecue area and underground parking.

RSL says they took last year’s design and tweaked it. Sadly, they didn’t do it well. They removed the media room and made it a bedroom, changed the study to another room, made the lounge/dining area smaller to make larger bedrooms and the laundry is still a slot in the wall. I use a twin tub washing machine and it will not fit in there. So when I win I will definitely have to do some renovating! The good thing about it? It’s blue!

Tickets are $10 each and it’s the annual Golden Ticket. So get your tickets from the RSL Art Union today!








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