RSL ART UNION: Draw 335 is now open!

The RSL Art Union has gone bigger, with three apartments up for grabs in draw 335.

An apartment on Sydney’s Bondi Beach, an apartment on Sunshine Coast’s gorgeous Noosa, and an Apartment in Melbourne’s St Kilda. All fully furnished, all with amazing views, and tickets are just from $5, so get them today!


Sydney’s Bondi beach apartment

RSL 335.1

RSL 335.2

RSL 335.3


The Sunshine Coast’s Noosa apartment

so lush and green and check out the master bedroom!!!!!

RSL 335.4

RSL 335.5

RSL 335.6

RSL 335.7


Melbourne’s St Kilda apartment with rooftop dining

RSL 335.8

RSL 335.9


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