ONE DIRECTION: THE BIGGEST THING SINCE….well, the last biggest boy band!


Reporters and tv show hosts keep asking one question. “Who are One Direction?”

Well, they’re the latest little teeny bopper boy band from England/Ireland whom Simon “I’m such a big music mogul Cowell” put together after they were on one of his shows in England.

Another manufactured boy band!

The Monkees, New Kids on the Block, Take That, Boyzone, Westlife, Steps, Liberty X, Spice Girls, I could go on but we all know most teeny bands are put together by some music mogul somewhere in the world.

At this very moment that I write this, channels 7 & 9 are battling it out to have them first. Channel 7 have been claiming for weeks they are “coming here first”, but alas arseholes, they are not, for channel 9 have them first, and you, channel 7, you retarded younger brother kept in a mental hospital for fear of bringing humiliation and embarrassment on the family, you are only getting them second.

Sucked in for lying.

Just like when you claimed YOU were the ones bringing Coldplay here to Aus for a special one off performance for their Aussie fans…..AH, NUH! Coldplay pulled out and cancelled, claimed it was because Chris Martin had been sick, but they were coming back for an AUSSIE TOUR, NOT a Sunrise performance.

So sucked in channel 7.

Either way, One Direction are the latest boy band to make girls hyperventilate and come in their panties as they scream to the boys, “have sex with me”.

God, how pathetic!

Do they even know what sex is? And why would the boys want to have sex with them? Harry prefers older women for God sake, not screaming little girls.




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