Obsessions. Are they such a bad thing?

When it comes to jewellery anyway!
Or bags, shoes, sunnies………..
I have over 1300 pieces. Since Easter weekend a lot of that has changed and I will be showing you what I did over coming weeks and re-organising my jewellery list so I know exactly how many and how much.
I don’t know when it became an obsession, an addiction, a must have in my life. I love sparkle and bling, have realised I hate making, unless it’s really easy and quick, and love buying and wearing. 
I get a tonne of compliments with what I wear, whether I made it or bought it. A lot of my eBay finds as well as what I make get the most.
The pictures below don’t even do justice to the amount as many sets are made up of many pieces. Many rings are in one bag, as are bracelets or necklaces. I’ve also layered the bags to try and keep it neat and tidy, even though it still spread across my narrow study. Laying out old shower curtains worked well too so dust and fluff didn’t get involved and if any beads or pieces went missing they were on the curtain somewhere.
My jewellery also has a new home, which I bought before Easter, ready for my big clean out. Originally my jewels were in a wood tallboy, then they moved to a black 5 drawer set, then as the collection grew most went back into the tallboy while some stayed in the drawer set. Now, they have TWO new homes, sitting side by side in my bedroom, while all my clothes and bags are in the study/office/dressing room. Built in wardrobes are good that way. You just can’t move them when you move bedrooms!
I’ll be showing pics of my jewellery in upcoming posts, how I re-made and re-arranged, and their new home, amongst other things.
Have you guys got obsessions?
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