New jewels at the end of the year

I haven’t bought a lot of jewellery this year, not like other years. Mainly due to other expenses, like releasing books.

These top pieces I only recently got from Lovisa for $10 for 5 pieces. I plan on using the bead and tassel earrings for charms at some stage. I haven’t made jewellery for three years due to mum being sick and books taking over.

The ring, above, I bought early in the year for $3.40 from an op shop. It was still in good condition and would have originally come from Lovisa or Colette. The necklace came a few months ago and you would have already seen it in outfit photos. I got it off eBay for $29.60 and is quite big.

I don’t buy a lot of jewellery, as I stated above. I find stores are getting more expensive, not having as many sales, and not putting what I want on sale. I’d rather spend $2-$10 on jewellery in store than $30 plus. It’s a bit different for eBay. You know that you’ll never get that piece anywhere else, certainly not in a chain store, so the price can be a bit higher.

Gotta have a budget these days and can’t spend willy-nilly like I used to.


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