MY STYLE: May 2020

Oh, May…you held many a surprise.

First the library reopened after two months, and second, I turned forty-freakin-six!



TOP: Millers from 2014 for $15.

JEANS: New Kmart $6.50 jeans.

SHOES: Top End star boots.

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas right hand bracelet stack, eBay necklace and two teardrop rings, chain store earrings, teardrop lace ring and left hand bracelets.



TOP: eBay from 2009 for $32.12.

JEANS: As above.

SHOES: As above.

JEWELLERY: eBay rings, earrings and both peacock bracelets, chain store necklaces and right arm bangle.


OUTFIT #3 – SHOPPING, LIBRARY (yay it’s open again), CHIRO, forty-freakin-six!

TOP: eBay from 2015 for $40. I lost so many crystals from this that day, thankfully I have most of them and have stuck them back on.

JEANS: As above.

SHOES: As above.

JEWELLERY: eBay earrings, necklace, both multi bracelets, and right hand rings. Chain store blue bangle and left hand ring.



TOP: Millers from 2015 for $10.50.

KIMONO: Czarina Dancing Peacock cape from 2019 for $193.20.

JEANS: As above.

SHOES: Kmart gold stud boots. Which you can’t see but I have blogged about before. $30.

JEWELLERY: Lovisa necklace, Diva earrings, eBay everything else.


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    1. Jewel Divas Style July 2, 2020 at 5:01 pm

      lol, Tote. I can’t remember what I was doing, just messing around.


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