MY STYLE: Floral Egyptian heads

Over the last two weeks whilst I’ve been on my writing holiday, I barely ventured out I was so busy, but when I did this is what I wore.


JDS - MY STYLE 2016.21

TOP: Kmart Tunic from 2014, $8

KIMONO: The latest in my collection, $79 online

PANTS: tights from Kmart, vintage

SANDALS: Saffy by Django & Juliette from Cinori Shoes, $130, crystals in the heel, how cool is that!

JEWELLERY: Sunflower set, Jewel Divas bracelet stack



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.22

TOP: Kmart kaftan top, 2015, $12

PANTS: Vintage Millers with added sequins, $10

SANDALS: Django and Juliette Igloo in blue, $120 from Cinori Shoes

JEWELLERY: mixture of Lovisa, ebay and Equip.



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.23

TOP: Millers kaftan top from 2016, $12

PANTS: vintage Millers from an op shop, $7 

SHOES: Franki$ Footwear silver Ellie. I started off wearing these but changed then through the day as they caused blisters at the back of my heel. I’ll just put a band aid or something on it.

JEWELLERY: mixture of Lovisa and op shop



a quick trip to the chiro for xrays and to grab the paper

JDS - MY STYLE 2016.24

TOP: Autograph Egyptian top from ebay, $35, from 2015

PANTS: Millers from 2014, $18

SANDALS: Frankie$ Footwear Margie in gold, 2015, $109.95

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