MY STYLE: Crystals, Sequins and Palm Trees


JDS - MY STYLE 2015.65

This outfit was for a quick trip to the doctor, no need to dress up for their waiting rooms, the amount of worms and germs you get from waiting rooms is ridiculous.

TOP: Kmart, $5, from 2014

PANTS: Millers, $18, from 2014

SANDALS: Kmart, $19, from 2014



JDS - MY STYLE 2015.66

Another trip to the doctor. Easy does it, no need to dress up.

TOP: Millers, $5, from earlier this year.

PANTS: Millers, $18, from 2014.

SANDALS: Kmart, $19, from 2014, same as top pic.



TOP: Kmart, $15, from 2013

PANTS: Millers, $15, from 2014

SANDALS: Rivers, $29.95, from a few years ago

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas ‘Deep Ocean Diver’ Set, Lovisa blue bracelets (on right arm) and rings.

JDS - MY STYLE 2015.67


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