MY STYLE: Birthday Crowns and Gossip Girls


JDS - MY STYLE 2015.31

TOP: Valley Girl, $9.95, from 2014

JEANS: Kmart, $7, from 2013

SHOES: Kmart, $29, current

JEWELLERY: Market earrings, chain store everything else

JDS - MY STYLE 2015.31.2


JDS - MY STYLE 2015.32

TOP:Kmart, $8, from 2012

JEANS: Kmart, $7, from 2013

SHOES: Dr Martens, $130, from ebay

JEWELLERY: Bracelet stack (right hand) Jewel Divas, long neck from Goodwill, fan from Diva, bangles, earrings, rings from Lovisa and Colette.

JDS - MY STYLE 2015.32.2

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