FASHION STYLE: Cardigans. What 20 balls of wool made!


Early last year I found the perfect wool in a discount store. It was a combination of my two favourite colours, pink and blue, so I bought 13 balls of it.

Now we all know that 13 is unlucky, but they were the only ones in the store at the time so home they came. A week later, I bought 7 more.

In May or June of last year, mum started knitting what was going to be my cardi, sadly, this got waylaid after she fell over and cracked her skull, ending up in hospital for a week and sick for months after so the cardi only just got finished a couple of months ago.

We had enough wool left over to make a matching scarf, and she is currently crocheting a lap blanket with what’s left. Amazing what you can get out of 20 balls of wool.

I found the perfect buttons as well, silver glitter stars.

JDS - BLUE PINK CARDIGANNow this is not the first thing mum had knitted for me. As a kid I got many a jumper and another cardi way back in 1990.

When mum heard what I wanted she told me I would never wear it. I lived in it every winter for years. How wrong people can be. I love music and got her to stitch a star and treble clef on the back and music notes on the right sleeve. I stitched on gold stars on the left sleeve and sequinned stars and music things on the front. I love the colours, they’re the ones I wanted and it will remain with me the rest of my life cause this baby’s going nowhere.


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