I’ve made a massive amount of jewellery, plus re-arranged pieces and sets over the last few months and have done a lot of yellow.
I’m into skulls at the moment since I have three tops with studded skulls on the front I bought up tonnes of skull bracelets (5 for $2) and made stacks and set out of them.
Here are the yellow skulls…
and after adding more beads from my kit, made this 9 piece stack.
I added a silver crystal bracelet to this stack to bulk it up
 made this 10 row joined stack out of howlite, opaque glass, crystal and resin.
I took this necklace I had never worn, pulled it apart, added more beads and chain, and made the two necklaces below.
found this funky wood bead set on ebay
along with these gorgeous yellow and lime bangles.
A few moths ago I showed you how to make your own version of Samantha Wills Skies are Painted bracelet stack. This is my version below.
 Well I finally got around to making a matching necklace
it goes well with the bracelet stack, which also matches my Samantha Wills Bardot earrings and a tear drop ring I got from Equip that matches in the same shade.
 The necklace is a continuously long necklace I can wrap around two or three times.
 I had already made this Samantha Wills style Bardot set when I found the ring
I bought it from Equip and it was blue (like in my Sunny Skies set above). A bit of scuffing and some paint, covered in sparkly nail polish for a sealer and voilà  I have a matching ring.
 Still on Samantha Wills, another piece of her jewellery fell apart. Not the first time for me, or others lately, but I lost some stones and couldn’t replace them so I had to come up with another option.
 I removed the bottom flowers and moved the side ovals down to the bottom. Of course it changes the shape but at least I can still wear them until the next stone falls out.
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