My Personal Collection: Silver multi jewellery

The last of my silver multi jewellery today.

Here’s my travel set. I got the charms and bracelet from the same big bulk lot as just about everything else, and made the necklace and earrings. Perfect for a European Summer Vacation!

My music set. I bought the big chain bracelet from ebay, bought a second to make the earrings. The small charm bracelet is sterling as are the two small silver rings. The small music note earrings were a present and I made the star earrings. The silver chain necklace with small charms are silver and I bought the guitar necklace from a chain store along with the big star and rock rings and the multi charm necklace which I have added charms to.

My Marilyn Monroe set. Made the picture charms, bought the big M and made everything.

My Mardi Gras set. The necklace was a bracelet but I changed it, the extra charms went on the earrings. Bought a second bracelet and I already had the ring and brooches which were $2 each.

And last but definitely NOT least, probably my biggest most elaborate set to date. My Inca Man set. All the incas and other charms came from ebay, once again from the big bulk lot, I had bought out an online shop of all it’s crackle beads and walla! threw this all together.

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  1. The Tote Trove March 28, 2012 at 12:53 am

    I love a good charm bracelet. The Marilyn set it especially cool.

  2. Jewel Divas March 29, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Late last year I bought a pink Marilyn tshirt off ebay to go with the set. I plan on getting a green one as well to go with the green set.


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