After doing my style course last year I knew even more that my metal was silver. I have what’s known as a cool tone, so silver metals and cool colours suit me best. But after doing my accessories list I realised how puny my silver accessory collection is. I have one pair of silver sneaker shoes, a few sunglasses, two hats (just realised my silver sequin beret is not pictured) and two bags. Maybe it’s because there aren’t many things to buy or I’m too stingy to fork out money on them. The glasses, hat and Ed Hardy ‘Tiara’ bag came from ebay, the silver bag from an op shop. The shoes came from a store called Rivers and cause blisters at the back of my heel. I’m glad I got them though as Rivers seems to no longer sell size 43 shoes, which, considering their sizes change from shoe to shoe (I have 41/42/43 size shoes from them) I’m surprised they’ve cut down on larger sized styles and just seem to be sticking to sneakers. 

So wrong of you rivers!



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