MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: New Gold and Gold multi jewels

I’m still buying jewels, just as much as making them, but I just can’t help myself. If you’re a jewellery addict like me, absolutely, completely obsessed with jewels then you will always buy regardless of whether you make it.

The black diamond one I actually bought for making couture pieces, so I bought two. Glad I did as I quite liked them and decided to keep one for myself. At $7.99 there wasn’t a problem with keeping one as I can always buy more. The middle one came from eBay but is originally from Lovisa. The aztec design caught my eye and I was the lucky bidder. The multi bead had to come home to me. I liked it the minute I saw it and while I haven’t worn it…yet…I can’t wait to pair it up with something else in my jewel-robe.JDS - GOLD AND MULTI GOLD NECKLACES

The next set I’ve only just made up recently. I bought the green earrings from Lovisa for $9 last year and came across the necklace on eBay.


I’m quite surprised that I found a necklace that matched, and one with a green pendant. While they don’t have crystals like the earrings do, they match almost perfectly. I reorganised the pendants into their current position so the green was more dominant in the middle. The necklace only cost $5.79 and now I’m wondering if I can find a bracelet or ring to match.

Have you guys bought any jewellery bargains lately?

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