MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: My new batch of Lovisa jewellery and what I did with it, part 2

Last week I showed you my latest batch of Lovisa jewellery that I bought online and showed you these amazing semi precious pieces last. The cuff was down to $20 and the necklace on sale down from $24.99 to $12!

I really hoped that because they were on sale they would come to my two local stores as they are both outlets, which means everything is always on sale. And these did! Thank God. They are amazing in person and so I bought two more necklaces and another cuff.

So…what did I do….turn the two necklaces into earrings of course!

These pieces are amazing and I don’t know why they didn’t make or sell earrings or rings to go with them. Rings would have been great but I don’t have any ring bases to glue onto a pendant other wise I’d buy two more necklaces. And of course with the cuffs I will be living my Wonder Woman moment. Amazing jewellery!

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