My Personal Collection: Green jewellery

Today is my green jewellery part 5 and it’s my jewellery sets today.

Made this one over easter. I love crackle beads!

Bought these from a chain store for a few dollars each.

This set came from all over. The earrings and necklace beside them came from chain stores and everything else came from all over ebay.

I love this set. My fleur de lis and heart set. I made the necklace out of three and the main chain came from ebay and the two green hearts from chain stores. Made all the green bead bracelets and the earrings. Bought the two silver bracelets on the left from ebay, and the three rings came from ebay and chain store and a cheap shop.

My mint Marylin Monroe set. I love these beads as they look like mint chip ice cream. You feel like eating them. I made everything but the ring, that came from a chain store.

My mint set. I bought the earrings from a market, the rings came from chain stores, the brooch on the right came from a cheap store and I made the bracelet stack and necklaces.

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