MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Gold and Gold multi jewellery

I’ve bought and made tonnes of jewellery and here’s more that I’ve bought.
I got these amazing earrings from Equip for half price which made them $5
I found this bracelet and ring for half price from Colette
added them to this jewellery set
 added extra bracelets to make a stack and this is the resulting jewellery set.
A while ago I showed you these earrings.
Well, I was looking around for a pair of gold multi coloured flowers earrings to go with a set I haven’t yet showed you, and realised I could just paint them with some fabric paint.
and here they are with my multi flower set.
 I took my own African Safari necklace, turned the bracelet into earrings and added the three multi coloured snake bracelets to make a set.
God I love these bracelets, they’re so sparkly!
I added my two heart necklaces and my heart cuff to these earrings and bracelet
and I added the hard bangle and red necklace to the star set
I made these stacks over the last few months. This is my PYG (pink/yellow/green) stack
My Wing stack made from bracelets I bought and made.
My POG (purple/orange/green) stack. Added some spikes and my big bead bracelet to some amazing faux pearl and turquoise bracelets I made.
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