MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Brown clothes and jewellery

I recently bought some animal print tights. Not sure how I’m going to style them yet, under something else of course, just have to figure it out.
So, what do you get when you cross the two crackle bead bracelets you’ve never worn….
with the perfume bottle necklace and bracelet from an animal set….
and the autumnal toned rhinestone bracelet in the bottom left?
a bloody good bracelet stack that’s what!
I took the bottle off the chain and hooked it onto the bead bracelets of which I made three more from my craft kit. Looks bloody good if I do say so myself!

And because I had bought a tonne of amazingly gorgeous Goldstone beads, I made some bracelets to go with some diamonte bracelets and turned them into a stack.

I also made some more Goldstone bracelets for my cameo set. GOR.GE.OUS!
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