My Personal Collection: Blue jewellery

Blue sets today, this may take awhile…
My Nancy Drew set. You have seen my gold one, now here’s the blue one that I started first. I made everything except the second bracelet from top. That was from Gumshoe Girls years ago. I have purses and bags and stuff from them which will be shown next year when I start posting accessories. They had great stuff I wish I had’ve gotten more of it.
My heart set. Made the bead bracelets and bag bling. Bought the necklace, rings and earrings from chain stores. The small heart studs are sterling silver and blue zirconia.The top bangle came from ebay.

My cameo set. The choker came from Target years ago, the other necklace from a chain store, I made the earrings and bracelet and the ring came from an op shop.

Another easter creative streak. Made the necklace, earrings, and all the bead bracelets. The bottom bracelet came from ebay years ago.

My flower set. Made the necklace, earrings and bead bracelets. The chain bracelet came from ebay years ago and I love it. The rings came from chain stores and ebay.

My western set. Earrings and bolo I’ve had for years as I used to line dance.

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