MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Black clothes and jewellery

My recent clothing buys for winter.
A 3/4 sleeve top from Valley Girl for $10 on sale. 
A GOR.GE.OUS cardigan from Valley Girl as well for $39.95. I recently did a post about cardigans being the new blazers for winter. Read it here.
My camera ruined the back pic by putting a line through it but you can still see the back of the cardi is just as good as the front.
 3/4 pj pants which I wear around the house for house pants. They’re light for warm days and look good.
I also bought this elephant bangle and…
joined it with this set.
And over easter I joined these earrings together
with the teardrops from…
my Art Deco set. I also added my rock ring and greek key bangle.
I took this white necklace, removed the middle pendant due to the large stone discolouring…
and joined it with my Aztec necklace. I know I’ll be doing more to it over the coming months.

I’ve also joined several bracelets or bangles together into stacks for a little bit of uniqueness. That’s the great thing about having so much, you can change them around as they break or discolour.

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