My glam "Jewel Divas Style" purses and bags

So while looking for notebook and iPad/iPod/iPhone cases on ebay I came across these.
 They didn’t have a name just a number, so trying to find the same design was a bit of a hassle, but under one seller they had called it “glam” and I got an iPad and laptop bag. Since I’m using the “social media” logo iPad bag I’m currently using this one for my Moleskine Passion Style Journal. The laptop bag is being used for files and folders in my pink pc bag. 
However, the first one I originally bought was this tablet size one. It doesn’t have a zip just an opening and is more pinky purple than the peachy pink of the other two.
 I’m trying to find other sizes, like a small camera/phone purse to make a matching set and as you can see below, the colours are different but it doesn’t really matter.

If anyone knows where I can get other sizes or even some in blue, let me know.

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