MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Black and White jewellery

With the amount of sales on the last few months I’ve been buying up big on the jewellery front. I’ve also been making heaps as well.
Here’s a set I put together from the big grey stone stud bracelet and the rest were bought as a set. I realised they all went together so put them together.
I made this set from faux pearls and gorgeous swirl coloured beads. The pendant came from my white tribal necklace which the rest is now connected to my Aztec set.
I had these beads hanging around for so long I was never sure what to do with them. I bought some white turquoise beads for other things and realised they all went together so I made this necklace.
I’d had my eye on these amazingly gorgeous earrings for months and finally got them on sale for $7
I made this necklace because I didn’t have a gold and white bead one.

I love it when I can make something I don’t have.

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