Manners. Who should have them, who should teach them and why we don’t seem to have any anymore.

The subject of manners has come up again.

Children don’t have any, who should be teaching them, are we an informal society?


Look, kids need to be taught manners by their parents. But the parents are too arse lazy and think it should be left up to the teachers at school. The teachers at school are whinging about not having enough money, too many kids in the classroom, and that they can’t teach the kids everything.

Arse lazy parents who don’t have manners, cannot teach their kids how to have them!

Simple fact that is.

If you don’t have any manners, or don’t use the ones you do have then how the hell are your children going to have or use any either?

If kids have bad manners, blame the parents. So next time you come across a kid who gives you the shits, just know, that their parents are exactly the same way.

Kids learn from parents, believe me, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Adults with bad manners, raise kids with bad manners. And you can’t give the kids mixed messages, it’s no wonder kids get confused. You can’t live by, do as I say, not as I do.

You can’t swear at your child and NOT expect them to swear back.

You can’t hit them and NOT expect them to hit back.

You can’t treat people like shit and then expect your kid to treat them like saints.

Seriously, yes society has gone a little soft on manners. We don’t need to be the stiff necked knobs of England past with the hoighty toighty way of speaking. But every day commonsense and manners is essential.

Don’t jump into a line ahead of everyone waiting. Don’t invite yourself to sit down at someone’s table. Don’t rush into a group of people and start taking over the conversation.

You don’t have to open the door for everyone but yourself. You don’t have to say please, personally I think please means asking for permission and I don’t need to ask a sales assistant for permission to buy something. You don’t need to be a doormat like channel 9 claimed this morning, but not in so many words.

Manners are NOT the oil that keeps society turning. It not does stop world wars. But seriously, make sure you have some and then teach your kids as well.

Coz a bad mannered child means a bad mannered parent.

And the next time your kid gives me the shits in the supermarket, I might just slap you instead.

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