HOW TO: Put together a Business Kit part 1

This week I’ll be doing part 1 of my Business Kit as there are too many pics to put in one post. 
There are many companies around that will do business cards and other business goods, but I have chosen to go with Vista Print. They are in a variety of countries and have a lot of their own designs or you can upload your own. 
After my original cards that I had made back in early 2009 I decided to update and “mature” the cards for the business. Vista had this gorgeous design that I have used for the actual business side of things and on the back are little helpers on how to take care of your jewellery. These go out with each piece of jewellery.
I then realised that with all the social media I’m over and how I changed the blog name this year to give it a spruce up, along with my Facebook profile, Twitter and Instragram name change, that I needed social media cards as well. So after trying many versions at Vista, and keeping price in mind, I decided on double sided cards. One side for the business with the s&m details, and the back for the style blog and its s&m details. In choosing which websites to add I decided to try an even things up a bit. The places where most people would go that are the most known websites. I think they turned out well.
I also decided to get some other stationery done in both sides of the business. 
Notebooks and matching pens.
Business size stickers, because they were free.
Return ad labels. The business ones have my address blacked out, and the style ones just have the website details.
Thanks to a special offer, I was able to get A4 size letterheads done.
Notepads for both.
Sticky notes for both.

I’ll post more next week. 

I was fairly lucky with the prices. A couple of years ago I bought some things for a friend and signed up for offers via email. This year especially, Vista sends me emails almost every day offering stuff for free or anywhere up to 80% off. I was able to get a lot of my business/blog stuff really cheap, along with other notebooks and stuff which I’ll show in future weeks, as the product itself was free, so all I had to do was pay for shipping which sometimes was cheap, sometimes not. But if you even it all out with the sales they offer, you can get a lot of stuff really cheaply.

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