HOW TO: Make a pink animal bead necklace

This is how I make jewellery. I know everyone has their own ways and styles and this is mine.
Step 1 – get all your beads together and decide what you want to use.
Step 2 – put all the ones together. I use a big tray covered in an old cloth nappy so they don’t roll everywhere.
Step 3 – layout the beads in the design you want.
Step 4 – thread a needle through and make a loop
Step 5 – take the next lot of beads and thread a needle, make a half loop and thread it through the heart’s loop and close.
Step 6 – keep going until it’s all done. I had so many beads left over I made an extra row.
Step 7 – I decided to join the rows to a chandelier.
Step 8 – I made some more strands of other beads.
Step 9 – join them all together. I took the long animal bead strand for around the neck and attached to the chandelier. The smaller strands were attached to the chandelier and then all were attached to a big chain loop lower down to get the effect in the pic below.
Step 10 – add a small bead to the chandelier to finish it off.
Step 11 – when you realise the necklace won’t go over your head on it’s own, add a clasp. I needed to do this and sometimes you do.

Next week I’ll show the bracelets and the whole set.

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