How the power of positive thinking has a depressive downside.

All too often we read or hear or see programs talking about the power of positive thinking.

How if you wish and believe and dream hard enough you will have everything your heart desires.
All I know is that when I wish and dream and believe hard enough about winning a house or lotto or even a big lot of money on a scratchie and then I don’t win and it doesn’t happen, I get depressed.
I desperately want my life to change and I don’t know how to make that happen on my own. Money is needed to move, buy a house, buy a car etc and yet we are constantly told to be positive.
Yet how can we be positive when we keep losing the things we so desperately want and need?
And I’m not talking about the superficial new shoes or outfit, I’m talking about the things we need to survive. Money, house, car.
How do we not be depressed and go into that deep funk when we don’t win?
How do we stay positive when everyone tells us we can have everything?
How do we not go back to telling ourselves we are not good enough and never win anything regardless of how many comps we enter? How many things do we join or enter to help ourselves?
How many times are we told God helps those who helps themselves?
How many times do we lose something we desperately want and know will change our lives for the better forever and NOT go into a depression?
How do we do that?
How do we stay positive when we keep losing and seeing other people win?
How do we be happy for them and grateful to be alive when our life sucks so fucking much?
How the fuck do we do it?
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