Here’s what’s coming up in the last post of the year.

Well, the last normal post anyway because there will be Xmas posts. 

I’m off to pack my bags for a nice long holiday from blogging so here’s what’s happening – 

1 – my fourth novel has been written and typed up. I will be leaving it till next year for professional editing as I have other things to do, like finishing off my four eBooks. 

2 – I am trying to get my first e-book out in January instead of the May 1 deadline I had for it as it just needs editing and a cover. It’s my self-publishing guide for Aussie Authors and will hopefully be released early new year.

3 – Amazon Australia has opened this month as a kindle store where my books are available. It is the 12th Amazon, kind of like Doctors in Doctor Who, they seem to take over the world. 

4 – My novels will be going up by $1 on Jan 1st so get in now.

5 – I will be tweaking this website over the coming months and changing some things. Nothing dramatic, just update and refresh.

6 – Speaking of update, I will also be revealing the real mastermind behind this website and the non-de-plume of Lady Jewels Diva. I am extremely multi talented.

7 – I will still be following all of you guys and commenting on your blogs, and may occasionally post something here if it gets my goat enough to blog about it, otherwise you’ll just get xmas and new year posts, as well as a 5th birthday post on Jan 1. 

8 – I desperately need a break, as we all do this time of the year when we’ve been blogging all year trying to come up with stuff to write about. I’m completely buggered!

9 – I have a tonne of other stuff do to in my other life and need time away from being online blogging every day. I also want time over the xmas / new year week and holidays to have just that, a holiday where I can sleep in all day if I want to.

10 – I will be back on Feb 1st as I’m also taking Jan off. Again, I will be checking out your blogs but I really need two months off unless I’m advertising my new book when it comes out.

Until Fab, uh, Feb 1st everyone, have a good, safe and happy holiday coz surely you need one as much as I do and I’m sure I’ll meet you on some island somewhere.


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