FASHION STYLE: How to wear printed pants for Summer


The first, simplest and easiest way to wear printed pants is with a plain top in a coordinating colour.

There is no secret to wearing them. You either like printed pants or you don’t. However, if you love them, but have never worn them, so don’t know how to, here are some easy tips to get you started.

1 – Have a good look at them in the store to see if they are in colours you like. Also check for material type, sizing, and style. Try them on, if you have time, and see if they fit you. Do they feel good, look good, fit well? Take a look at how many colours are in the material.

2 – Don’t buy unless you check out your wardrobe first. Do you have tops in coordinating colours that you could wear with them? Are they plain tops, patterned tops, studded or sparkly tops?

Then you have tops to match. If not, you may need to buy some and depending on the store you buy the pants from, they may have matching tops as well. Stores like Kmart and Millers are always inexpensive, and others like Big W, Best & Less and Crossroads always have inexpensive clothes as well.

3 – Once you have a list of matching tops or shirts, then go and buy the pants.

Simple as that. I told you it was easy.

An easy tip to remember is to buy pants that are in the colours and patterns you like, and you know will match multiple tops in your closet.

Here’s an example of pants that I recently bought, and I knew I had multiple tops in almost every colour of these pants. Let’s count the colours.

There are shades of dark blue, turquoise, light blue, pale blue, white, coral, pink, red, and the neutrals of black and white. That’s ten colours/neutrals I can match to these pants. And that’s what I did.

It doesn’t matter if you match tshirts, tops, tank tops, short sleeve, long sleeve, strapless, shirts or over blouses in summer. As long as they match well in colour or pattern, such as my fish tshirt, it will all work together.

Add colourful jewellery and a wide brim hat to cover yourself from the summer sun.


I can wear these pants with tshirts in similar colours or styles

Tank tops, stripe tops, lace, studded, sequined or beaded.


For these pants I can match 6 colours and neutrals. The colours of dark and light blue, and the neutrals of black, white and light and dark grey. That means 6 colours in tops to match. Many of the tops above with the floral pants I can use for these paisley ones, but I’ll show you some extras. Studded and sequins tops will go well with darker pants like these as the colours are simpler.

Match both pants with simple summer sandals in a matching colour or a metallic of silver or gold.


I love these pants from Millers. I own four pairs of these current styles but 5 or more of older summer styles in plain bright colours. They are lightweight, a breeze to wash and wear, you won’t get too hot, and the air blows through nicely.

It’s really just a matter of coordinating, and don’t be afraid of matching bright sandals, hats and jewellery if you wear them or have them. There is nothing wrong with wearing colour on your top or bottom. And if you’re still not sure, before you buy, wear a matching top and go into the dressing room and try them on and take a photo of yourself, or get a friend to take one so you can see what you look like.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of the way you’re dressed, as long as you feel comfortable in what you wear and aren’t constantly tugging it up or down then wear what you like.

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