DESIGNER INSPIRED: How to make your own version of Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot cuff

 In keeping with the red and green of Christmas theme I’m going to show you hot to make your own version of a Bohemian Bardot cuff.

I posted that I had bought one of these lookalike rings from Lovisa a few months ago.

And here’s the Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot cuffs

Now since these bangles are widely available as a plain cuff, I doubt Samantha actually designed the bangle herself, she more than likely saw it as was and decided to use it, these are available on eBay and through Lovisa in gold and silver.

I also got extra rings in red as they were the only colour. Ring size does not matter for what you are going to do.

Grab a good strong pair of pliers, place them outside the ring section and squeeze the ring sides toward each other. This will break the ring part itself but you will have to really grind away at the last bit of the joint. It’s strong stuff. Probably stronger that the stuff Samantha uses as people are always complaining that their Bardot rings break. Believe me, these won’t.

Once you’ve smoothed out the roughness grab your tube of E6000 glue (what jewellery designers use) play around with where you want them to sit on the cuff and glue the top and bottom underside of the rings. Leave them to dry until the glue is sticky (a couple of minutes) then place them on the bangle, adjust them to the spot, and hold for a few minutes until they don’t move.

This is what it looks like from underneath

Leave it to dry for 24 hours and there you have it, your own version of a Bohemian Bardot cuff.

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