DESIGNER INSPIRED: How to make your own version of Samantha Wills All of the Lights bracelet stack

Can you spot the difference?
Nope? most couldn’t. 
I personally think $115 for this four piece bracelet set (on the left) is not only ridiculous but disgusting for beads and bracelets so easy to make or buy.
I made this set by doing the simple easy steps below.

So for $6.28,  I made my own NIGHT LIGHTS bracelet set. Why give your hard earned money away to designer prices when you can make things yourself.

Bracelets sets like these are not designed, they are made. By the workers in the Chinese manufacturing plant making and supplying bracelets to chain stores or designers around the world. The bracelets would be made in their thousands for buyers to walk in and say “I’ll take a thousand of those, those and those”, then they pick a few bracelets and combine them into a set. Designers don’t make these sets, they just buy them and put them together.

So why waste $115 of your money when you can make it for less than $10!

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