PLANNER MONTH: MAMBI’S The Happy Planner Part 2

When I wasn’t buying at The Happy Planner store, I was buying on eBay mostly.


Below, I bought the pineapple planner from one seller, and the rest from another. Paper, sticky notes, inserts and bookmarks.


I then managed to get a HP hole punch from eBay Aus, and the rest of this lot came from one seller on eBay US, most of which I could have bought from the Happy Planner website in December, oi, lessons still being learned. More paper, stickers, inserts, sticky notes, two more planners….


And finally, after joining planner Facebook pages, I heard about I bought three times from them, first I bought three sticker books and a pack of plastic protectors. The second lot was date stickers, discs and plastic protectors, the third lot was the snap ins, more date sticker books and more page protectors.


I really needed to stop buying at this point…but I didn’t…

Have you guys ever shopped at Blitsy for your craft goodies?


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