ACCESSORY STYLE: Matching your jewels to your kaftans


I have so much jewellery it’s ridiculous, but the good thing about having so much is that when you buy clothes you will more than likely already have jewellery that matches it. If not, as a jewellery designer I’m in the position to make it. If not, I try and get it from ebay already done or buy beads and charms and make it.

When I started buying kaftans earlier this year I found I was buying tropical prints. Easy enough to match bright coloured jewels to. But I found that after buying parrot and tropical print kaftans I wanted a jewellery set to match, so I started with the jewels I already had.

I already had this neon bead set with the parrot necklace I had already made. Then there was the wing bracelet stack that I made, and the parrot stack I bought from Lovisa a few years back.


I took the two stacks and removed a few bracelets from each, and then added to the parrot set on the right. I added the two neon bracelets and the pearl, to which I added the parrot earring I had.


I then found and bought parrot earrings and a ring on eBay, and as you can see by my hand pic below, the ring is large. Thank God for the elasticised band.


As I thought about how many kaftans I could match to this set, it became apparent that I’d be able to match a few. The two parrots, long and short in different hues, the tropical print kaftan bottom left with it’s tropical tree and feather print. The shorter kaftan and the drawstring dress, both with leaf and feather style looks in their prints.


While I don’t specifically set out to buy clothes that match my jewels, tropical print is something I love and high on my list of prints to buy. I will always be able to match jewels to any kind or tropical print, regardless of what colour it is and I just happen to have already had three pieces to start off my parrot set with.

I also buy clothes that I love. And if I don’t have jewellery to match to it, then I will either track down jewellery to match, or track down charms and beads to make it so I have something different over everyone else.

For those who are jewellery designers, do you buy clothes to match jewels you’ve made, or do you only realise once you’ve gotten home that you have jewels that match your clothes?

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