Migraines are bloody debilitating!

Do you ever have prolonged migraines that make your eyes bulge out of your head?

Migraines that last for days if not weeks.

I’ve had way too many this year and it could be because of my spine being out of alignment. My chiro cracks me back into place every fortnight, but the muscles keep pulling it back out because that’s the only spot they’ve known for decades and so their memory pulls them back.

Heat also doesn’t help. Nor does bright light, or having my head bent over a pc all day every day.

Bad news when I work on my pc.

I try to crack it back into place myself by stretching left and right, forward and back, and sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Neither does taking the weight off by lying down. And then sleep never comes at night because you can never find a position that stops the head pain, or the back pain, which is where it stems from, and then I don’t want to o.d. on painkillers because they make me sick so I try not to take them if I can but the pain persists!

So what do you do when you have debilitating migraines that make your eyes bulge out of your head?



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