Instagram may let you add accounts, but it’s a pain to do it!

A few weeks back Instagram decided to make everyone with more than one account happy. They gave us the ability to add to the one we had so we could have them all together, nice and neat.



Problem is, they didn’t tell you how hard it was going to be.

I have a business that has multiple businesses within it. So I have multiple names and accounts across social media.

On Instagram, I have four accounts with fours sets of log in details.

On Twitter, I have three accounts with three sets of log in details.

And on Facebook, I have two accounts with two sets of log in details.

Do you see where I’m going?

The problem is, who are you logged in as on all of the social media outlets you want to add?

Here’s the problem I had.

On Facebook I have one log in details for three accounts. Jewel Divas, Jewel Divas Style and T.K. Wrathbone, all under the one set. Then, there’s Lady Jewels Diva under another.

Now my main Instagram account that I use most is Jewel Divas Style. So setting up Jewel Divas and T.K. Wrathbone’s Facebook pages on Instagram were easy. setting up Lady Jewels Diva’s was not.


Because of the logging in and out issue with Facebook.

What I spent hours trying to achieve would have been easier if they had written it in their help section.

When I was logged in to Facebook as Jewel Divas Style, I could easily set up the Instagram FB connects for JD and TKW in their account under JDS. ONLY if I was logged into FB. The problem was I couldn’t connect the account for Lady Jewels Diva, why, because I needed to log out of FB as JDS, login as LJD, and then add it in, all the while I was unlinking and connecting.


So, the simple fact is, if you have separate accounts with separate log ins for each account, then make sure you are logged in as that account on FB when you are connecting, and then log out, so you can connect another account in Instagram.


Oi, what a hassle!

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