How Do You Live Life Without Being on Social Media 24/7?


Do you want to live in a world full of 24/7 Social Media?

I sure as hell don’t but so many seem to be doing so.

The so called “experts” on how we should be across everything to do with our business whether we have an actual business or run a blog for a business says we should. We need to be across blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, we need to Digg and Delicious, Stumbleupon and Technorati. We need to Pinterest and Instagram the hell out of life and strive and achieve great things. No wonder I cut and culled my social media sites back a few months ago, it’s easier to keep across.

Surely I can’t be the only one tired of all of this.

How many get tired of social media?

It gets to a point where in trying to keep up with and across every website we are on, that we have exhausted ourselves into collapsing on our beds or into easy chair and never wanting to move. EVER.AGAIN!

We don’t all thrive on these things.

We don’t all want to live surrounded by it 24/7.

We need time out for a breather, time with our family, time to ourselves to refresh and re-energise.

So why the hell do we need to be across every show on TV and Tweet and FB about it?

With all three major networks here in Aus having their own websites for 24/7 involvement with the TV shows,  we have even more to worry about. Watching and tweeting and FBing our followers and the channel surfing crowd online is over the top.

Why do we need to do that?

Why do we need to follow every show, leave tweets and FB messages instead of actually watching the show we have our faces stuck in our phone or pad about?


We don’t!

Plain and simple.

It is a choice to do so and it is a choice to leave it and keep social media to work hours along with your blog and website.

We need sleep. We need family time, going out time, reading time. Time to ourselves to do something OTHER than tweeting and Instagramming.

We need to stop, re-evaluate and realise it’s not worth the stress and strain of trying to keep up with so many and so much that is going on.

We don’t need to live on the net 24/7. We need to live in the real world and get a life.

How do you live with, or without, social media?



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