How Do You Answer The Phone?

Social Etiquette seems to have flown out of the window along with social manners these days.

Between kids using text speak to write and fill in forms, if they know what those are, to 20 somethings having no idea how to communicate with older people.
So, when it comes to answering the phone, HOW DO YOU?
Hello, who’s calling?
Hello, who’s calling please?
Hello, this is Jewel Divas, who’s calling please?
Hey, it’s me…. (my sister does that one and you’re just expected to know it’s her).
Hey, whatya doin’?
Umph *grunts* um, yeah, what?
What about when you’re the one making the call?
I’m after so and so.
Hello, I’m after so and so.
Hello, how are you today? Good. I’m calling to speak to so and so are they there?
Ah, social manners, graces and etiquette, where have they all gone? Who is teaching them any more? And why aren’t parents instilling them into their children. Unless it’s because they have none themselves.
What a shame!
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