HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Veins Clear and Veins Care

Over the last five years I’ve noticed spider and varicose veins spreading around my legs. I hate them, who doesn’t, as they mean anything short I wear they can be seen.

So, like most women, I decided to see if a store bought remedy would work. I waited till the were on sale and then bought them, spending the whole month of March taking them and doing it.

What is it?

Caruso’s Veins Clear pills and Veins Care cream.



The pills are huge, like something you’d give to a horse, but faithfully, every morning, I’d take my pill and then rub my cream on after my shower and again at night.

Here’s the before of my left leg which has the worst veins.


And here’s the front of my right leg which is noticeable but not as bad as the left.


There is absolutely no point showing you after photos because my legs look exactly the same. The cream and pills did not work. It’s great that they’re natural remedies but I thank God I got them on sale because they really would have been a waste at full price.

Do you guys have spider and varicose veins and what have you done to get rid of them?


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  1. Michael Nguyen December 20, 2018 at 11:23 pm

    Thanks for good post. Its very helpful to us.


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