HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: I’m lacking good old Vitamin D!


A few weeks back I had a blood test to see whether everything was all right. And for those on benefits, you need your blood test before you can have your care plan with your nurse at your local medical centre.

Normally everything’s fine. She tells me my cholesterol is a bit high at 6 but it’s been that way forever. This year, it was down to 5.2, meh, so what. What she told me next was a bit weird.

My vitamin D level was down to 28!

Apparently it’s supposed to be 50, and if it had of been 48 or 49 she would have told me to go out in the sun, but because it was so low I needed tablets. 

Blimey, I’m only 41 but clearly getting old if I need to take tablets.

Have you guys had your bloods checked and have you been told the same thing?

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