HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Garnier’s Dark Spot Corrector did not work for me

Back on the 1st of July I published this post saying I would now be trying Olay’s Revitalising Creams for morning and night.

The reason I had bought these was because 1 – it’s Olay, and 2 – it was on sale, and 3 – the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector was not on sale. And then it was, and I bought it for $3 off and started the trial on the 2nd of July.

It was an abysmal failure!

I used it morning and night as I was supposed to and did it smooth out the imperfections?


Did it lighten the dark spots and discolouration? 


Did it do what the millions of dollars spent on advertising said it would do?

Hell no!

Thank God I only wasted $13 and change as I will not be buying or using this product again. Like all Garnier products I have tried, they are weak and useless and not strong enough to actually do what they claim. Yet, like most women who do not have the money to spend exorbitant amounts on skin care, I will constantly try new products to find the magic cream that will peel my face and make it look new and fresh like a baby’s butt! And, like most women, it may never happen, as the only thing these companies do is spend money to suck us in and then take our money when we buy the product that we hope and pray will work miracles on our skin even though they know it more than likely won’t.

Either way, I think, and hope, I’ve learned my lesson and will never be buying Garnier again.

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